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"what a beautiful lady..."

 So, I'm okay. Everyone I know is okay. However something happened to a member of my family. She's okay, but she very nearly wasn't. I'm not trying to be cryptic or anything, I just....she was fairly brutally attacked. She is okay, and she's a strong woman and I think she's okay mentally too. But it very easily could not have been.

I'm posting this to remind you to seize the day. Tell someone you love them, and really mean it. Dance just for the hell of it to really embarrassing music. Take a minute to enjoy the sights and sounds of wherever you are. Eat dessert. And buy yourself something you've always wanted, but don't really NEED. 

Don't put up with bullshit in your life. Don't let idiots and bastards drag you down. Don't waste your time on people who aren't worth it. 

Look at my icon. If you aren't as ridiculously happy as the man in my picture every day of your life, figure out how to be. Because that day will never come again, and you don't know what tomorrow will bring.

And never be afraid to post something to LJ that you think people will react negatively to. It's your journal. Use it as you see fit.

This is what's been running through my mind today. I hope you enjoyed it.


Trip Update: Notes from the Plane


 But I will be back. In ways Iceland felt like home. Next time I'll go back in the winter, I think. Reyk would be incredibly beautiful.
- 08/06 10:56 PM

 Descending into Halifax now. It's just setting in that I won't see Iceland again now for at least a year or so. Makes me very sad, honestly.
- 08/06 10:55 PM

 Touchscreen on my inflight entertainment thingy doesn't work. Flight attendant reset, still doesn't. Losing marks, IcelandAir.
- 08/06 9:54 PM

 Note to self: never download part 1 of a 2 parter tv show. Just watched 2nd last ep of Kings, no way to get last! Gah!
- 08/06 9:18 PM

 Wow, much nicer plane this time around. 4:15 minute flight. Aisle seat, empty seat beside me. Crying baby in front, however.
- 08/06 6:48 PM

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Trip Update: Last Bits from Iceland


 Waiting in the airport with tea. Really gonna miss this place. Wish there was a big sign that said "breath it in, last time outside."
- 08/06 4:36 PM

 Love the look and ads of the brand 66 North. Wanna buy a coat, but more than a bit expensive.
- 08/06 4:02 PM

 I'm hiking like a Viking.
- 08/04 5:04 PM

 Taken close to 200 pictures today just from whale watching. Very glad I bought an extra SD card.
- 08/03 11:48 AM

 Haha, definitely have full 3G signal out in the middle of the ocean. Love Iceland.
- 08/03 11:41 AM

 I'M ON A BOAT! I'M ON A BOAT! Doing a whale watching tour, that is. Andy Samberg is sadly absent.
- 08/03 9:42 AM

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 Back at the hostel. VERY tired. Thinking of just taking the night off, finding a quiet cafe.
- 08/02 4:39 PM

 Tried to jump on the Icelandic President's summer house's wifi in Thingvellir. Password protected! Grr.
- 08/02 2:31 PM

 Just filled up my water bottle and drank from a spring. Dasani's got nothing on Iceland.
- 08/02 2:27 PM

 Just was told a bit of Icelandic history; apparently Persian Pirates invaded an area of Iceland.
- 08/02 1:27 PM

 Gah, camera battery died just as Strokkur, a geyser, exploded.
- 08/02 12:17 PM

 Seeing the Gulfoss waterfall now. Amazing natural beauty. Plus; refreshing mist!
- 08/02 10:59 AM

 There's a big rumbling sound every few minutes. Asked a guide; said something about an earthquake sensor. Awesome.
- 08/02 9:26 AM

 At a geothermal power plant in Iceland. Amazing.
- 08/02 9:18 AM

 Apparently the working population of Iceland is about 3 football crowds of people. Nuts.
- 08/02 8:52 AM

 Doing the Golden Circle tour today. Guide is a Brit named David. Nat, Der and Sar didn't make it, too bad.
- 08/02 8:39 AM

 Just heard an Icelandic cover of Green Day's "Basketcase"
- 08/02 12:28 AM

 Having a late dinner at an Italian restaurant, with Chinese elements, in Iceland. Baha.
- 08/01 10:13 PM

 Everyone's home! Some went river rafting, some went glacier climbing. I still prefer my history filled day!
- 08/01 8:36 PM

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Trip Update: Golden Circle Tour, Iceland

Here's a few photos from the trip I did today. Uploading them in a lower rez to go faster I hope!

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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Okay, so my room has no net in Reyk, so only a few coming up from now on, and no videos til I get back. Takes a while to upload, but I really want to share what I've been doing. Iceland is absolutely stunning, and these pictures don't capture it at all. But I tried.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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 There's a trend here not to be as blunt about some things. A big important exhibit at the Culture House is behind a nondescript door.
- 08/01 7:14 PM

 A cute/friendly hot dog vendor informed me that the Icelandic word for apple sounds like orange, then made several bad puns. Love this place
- 08/01 5:35 PM

 Alright got all my shopping done. Everyone has souvenirs and I have some t-shirts. Bag is gonna be full coming home!
- 08/01 5:17 PM

 Got to the National Museum. Small, but well done, good history of Iceland. Going to try and do some last minute shopping before back home.
- 08/01 4:59 PM

 Very neat caf in the city hall. Great pastry called the...einsla?
- 08/01 4:07 PM

 On the way to find the National Museum I stumbled on the Reyk city hall. Beautiful, built right on the water.
- 08/01 3:52 PM

 The 871 settlement exhibit has a picture of the landscape of Reyk, overlaid with small screens, where a ghostly image appears when you pass
- 08/01 3:25 PM

 Saw a date listed as "6073 winters since the beginning of the world and 874 years before the incarnation of our lord"
- 08/01 3:17 PM

 Getting ready to hit the bar next door. It's 10pm and I'd swear it looks more like 7. Crazy.
- 07/31 9:57 PM

 The natural beauty of this place is seriously stunning.
- 07/31 9:26 PM

 Had a nap, then walked down to the shore by the big Viking boat statue. Stomach's killing me, not sure why. Had my first pylsur (hot dog).
- 07/31 5:31 PM

 Reyk is very hipster so far. Lots of fashion-forward looks.
- 07/31 1:49 PM

 Wow fatigue just hit me like a ton of bricks. Nearly falling asleep sitting in a wooden chair.
- 07/31 12:17 PM

 I swear there's something in the air here. It's like nothing I've seen or felt before.
- 07/31 10:56 AM

 One of the best cups of coffee I've ever had at a book store cafe in Reyk. Eydmundson, apparently.
- 07/31 10:31 AM

 For this being 10am on a Friday morning it's surprisingly quiet by the Icelandic Parliament.
- 07/31 9:53 AM

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Drafts from my Birdhouse: ICELAND


 Hostel looks very nice so far! Love love love Iceland.
- 07/31 8:34 AM

 Impressions of Iceland so far; friendly and funny people, good coffee and no free wifi. The last one's a dealbreaker, Keflavik.
- 07/31 6:29 AM

 Even out the window at the security checkpoint you can see so very far. Amazing.
- 07/31 5:18 AM

 Holy crap I'm in Iceland.
- 07/31 5:06 AM

 Apparently we have to go through extra security screening now that we've landed. Whatevs. I'M IN ICELAND
- 07/31 1:58 AM

 Wow. I can definitely see the ocean below. Very light cloud cover.
- 07/31 1:31 AM

 Sun's up now, poking through the clouds. Gorgeous. Captain said...I think that we're making our descent. My ears are popping, so...?
- 07/31 1:29 AM

 I slept a bit, I think. Fairly light out now. We're above the cloud level still, but I can make out shapes and a big blue below them.
- 07/31 1:12 AM

 More turbulence, but I've been able to see the beginnings of the sun for a bit. We're racing toward it.
- 07/31 12:16 AM

 They started another movie, Dragonball Evolution. I didn't think that was even out yet. Huh.
- 07/30 11:43 PM

 There's a guy on the flight with Orgreen glasses, same as my old ones. Kind of rare. Cool.
- 07/30 11:39 PM

 Turbulence is pretty rough. They turned off the movie. I'm not very worried, but I can see the wing shake from my seat. Heh.
- 07/30 11:04 PM

 Also, Moulin Rouge is the inflight movie. Never seen it. Not listening, but it looks hella trippy.
- 07/30 10:35 PM

 On the flight. No plugs! Bit cramped but i've got a window seat. Not much to see yet.
- 07/30 10:35 PM

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